Interview With Eric Hey of Xsolus

Interview With Eric Hey of Xsolus

May 3, 2018.
Hello Eric, what is Xsolus all about?

For nearly two decades now, Xsolus has utilized the latest in technologies to build custom tailored solutions for startups and small-to-medium sized businesses. Keeping on top of the latest technology trends has always been a passion of ours.

We have become a blockchain-focused company, while still bringing along our competencies in programming, design, animation, web and mobile development.

In addition to being a thriving technological area with great potential for innovation, blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent the greatest potential for change in the world right now.

We are very excited to work with the community, along with new and existing partners, to realize this potential.

We also feel this is an excellent opportunity to bring to bear our tremendous experience in a wide range of industry sectors including our expertise in areas like trading and finance.

All of this has come together into the process of building our own crowdfunding platform, our own blockchain, as well as our own distributed trading engine and more.

How many team members do you have and how do the various departments come together to present a unique product to users?

We have over 30 team members with a wide range of skill sets including programming, design, infographics, motion animation, web development, and mobile development. This is a team that has been working together on many projects for many years and our two founders together bring almost 50 years of experience to the team.

How does your platform set itself apart from other competing platforms – why will anyone use your platform over the others?

We have been observing the community activities over the years and have seen various projects, teams and personalities play different roles.

As an organization that has delivered many projects for customers in the past, Xsolus has a different emphasis than other teams. We are motivated to develop and evolve tools and technologies that we can utilize in our various projects for our customers. As such, we are not prone to adopt any particular ideology nor build a product just for the sake of the project itself, or for short term gains. In fact, we consider any short term gains to be a sure sign of future failure since picking winners is likely to result in losers as well.

Our innovative projects are ‘architected’ to be extensible and allow us to apply new techniques and technologies, and let market forces pick the best without picking favorites.

We are building solutions that are taking new approaches and that are meant to last.

Where do you see the Xsolus project in one year?

We hope to have Coin Of The Realm as one of the most popular open source projects with communities all around the world hosting their own blockchains and cryptocurrencies on the platform. We expect some of these blockchains will fork themselves onto new consensus algorithms built on top of the ones we have offered. And we hope that real world solutions developers will consider COTR and it’s multi-blockchain, multi-coin, and Smart Objects an indispensable part of their projects.

We also hope that Bullbearex will solve once and for all the issue of risk in the cryptocurrency community by offering a truly decentralized exchanged built on top of the COTR platform.

And finally, I have just been putting the final touches on our CROWDFUND platform and I look forward to hosting crowdfunding events for other interesting projects into the future.

On which exchanges will your tokens be initially traded?

Initially on our own, Bullbearex.

Thanks for your time and insight Eric, we wish you success!

Thank you too, ICOWatchlist.

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