How to Effectively Promote Your Blockchain Startup Through Online Community Building

How to Effectively Promote Your Blockchain Startup Through Online Community Building

August 11, 2018.
Learn how to effectively market your blockchain business on social media

The introduction of Bitcoin into the world market has hugely disrupted various industries, owing a greater part of its popularity to its underlying technology: blockchain. The decentralized nature and immutability of the blockchain, among some of its many advantages, has prompted a number of entrepreneurs to launch startup businesses based on the emerging technology.

To date, $1.3 billion of capital from venture capitalists alone have been invested in various blockchain companies, and more and more blockchain-based startups are cropping up every day. Blockchain technology truly presents vast opportunities in today’s digital landscape; however, the growing number of blockchain startups pose a great challenge for entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in the industry. It is, therefore, crucial to have a solid marketing strategy to effectively promote your blockchain startup.


Why Building Online Blockchain Communities Is Important

While established marketing strategies, such as digital marketing and offline networking, are essential to any successful marketing effort, building online communities is seen to be the most effective tactic for the blockchain industry.

Blockchain enthusiasts are known to be passionate and loyal to their cause, and they tend to pay close attention to online discussions. This is why positioning yourself as a professional authority in the industry is important—it gives your followers, as well as investors, good reason to trust your knowledge, as well as in your business itself. Participating in online discussions also helps you to contribute to the continuing development of the technology.


Top Social Media Platforms to Market Your Blockchain Startup

There are numerous online channels available to achieve this; however, to help you get started, here are the top social media platforms where you can effectively promote your blockchain startup and contribute to the blockchain community:


1. BitcoinTalk

BitcoinTalk is an online forum where users can find relevant discussions and announcements about Bitcoin, its ecosystem, the blockchain, and other cryptocurrencies and altcoins. It is also considered an important tool for ICO and token sale announcements and bounty programs.

Tips on How to Market on BitcoinTalk:
Announce the launching of your cryptocurrency in BitcoinTalk’s sub-forum dedicated to altcoins, Altcoin Announcements. A successful ANN thread (short for “announcement” thread) should have, at the very least, all the pertinent information about your coin and its corresponding ICO, and a link to your white paper, company website, and social media profiles of you, as the owner, and your company members.
Initiate bounty programs, most particularly BitcoinTalk signatures, wherein your company releases a signature with a code embedded in it. Participants who post this signature are then ranked accordingly. Their rank determines the number of stakes they get for the respective coin offered.
Use guerrilla marketing. Participate in other sub-forums and mention your announcements on topics that are relevant to your cause.


2. Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging platform, available on desktop and on mobile; applications are available for Android and iOS. Telegram is popular in the blockchain industry, as it creates a free-for-all townhall where blockchain enthusiasts can have open discussions directly with the development team of the coins they are interested in.

Tips on How to Market on Telegram:
Create separate Telegram groups, one for discussions and social media posts, and another one dedicated for announcements only (for example, ICO announcements, product launchings, technology updates, and more).
Create a welcome message each time a new member joins the group. It’s also a good idea to provide a brief introduction as to what your company is about.
Pin relevant and important messages to the top of the group for better visibility. Rotate your pinned message at least every week so that you can provide fresh content to your audience.
Be vigilant with spam messages on your Telegram group. Develop a bot that automatically identifies and moderates spam messages.


3. Steemit

Steemit is a social networking platform that combines the power of blogging and blockchain technology. Content creators are compensated with their cryptocurrencies (Steem, Steem Dollars, or Steem Power) each time their work gets upvoted. People who upvote and comment on content on the platform are also rewarded. Steemit is a popular avenue for blockchain startups for promotion, as it gives them a platform to create content about their company and reach an audience already interested in blockchain technology.

Tips on How to Market on Steemit:
Content quality is essential in Steemit marketing. Create content that is interesting and valuable to your audience. Most importantly, take time to research and proofread your work before publishing it.
Don’t make it all about selling. Make it a point to create helpful and informative content relevant to your products and services each week, in addition to your promotional posts about your cause.
Engage with other Steemit users. Upvote and comment on posts that are relevant to your business, and be sure to interact with those who comment on your post. This not only allows you to get rewards, but it also gives the signal that you’re a company invested in the interest of the community.


4. Reddit

Reddit is an online forum where users can discuss a wide variety of topics, as well as upvote, downvote, and comment on posts. Reddit is considered as a democratized content platform that is popular among blockchain startups, where they can closely communicate with blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. There are subreddits dedicated for Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, and ICOs, among many others.

Tips on How to Market on Reddit:
On Reddit, you can either choose a link post that directs users to an external website (for example, your landing page) to boost traffic, or choose a text post where you can share relevant information about your field. If you choose the former, be sure that you’re taking your site visitors to a landing page that’s straightforward and easy to use. If you choose the former, make sure that your text posts are relevant to the subreddit you’re posting in.
When marketing your business on Reddit, be sure to participate in weekly promotion threads in relevant subreddits to prevent being banned. Reddit users tend to ban other users who are overly promotional.
Create your own community on Reddit. If you’ve established a significant following, you can opt to create your own subreddit and post pertinent information about your company, such as setting up a calendar for upcoming events (ICOs, product launches, etc.)


Wrapping It Up

With the rate of how blockchain technology is developing, there is no telling how far it will go in the years to come. Blockchain startups are not just a passing trend; these companies lay the foundation of the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology itself. For a blockchain business to flourish, a solid marketing plan is just one of its many components. More than anything, startup companies should also provide cutting-edge products and services in order to successfully stand out from the competition.


– Article written by Tinny

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